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About Us

Directive Systems and Engineering is a small company located in Northern Virginia specializing in VHF, UHF and Microwave antennas and related accessories. The company has been in business for over 20 years, but in April 2013 it was taken over by Terry Price (W8ZN) and Margie Price (K4MEP) and moved to Virginia.
We manufacture all the original antenna designs of Down East Microwave. These loop yagi antennas have set the standard for microwave experimenters and find wide use in commercial applications as well.
Our antennas also encompass some of the original K1FO designs sold by Rutland Arrays and C3i, as well as some new designs of our own. All our antennas are contest proven and designed by the same people that use them — they are all used at the K8GP Contest Group site in Northern Virginia!
In addition, Directive Systems can design, engineer and manufacture antennas for custom commercial and industrial applications from HF through 18 GHz. Some of our custom designs have been used for telemetry in Antarctica and other environments, such as in aerobatic aircraft! Call for details.
This Web Site features the complete product line of antennas, including loop yagis and “conventional” yagi-uda arrays, and accessory products such as power dividers and stacking frames for multi antenna arrays. For other “active” VHF and microwave products, such as amplifiers, transverters and low noise receiving preamplifiers, please contact Down East Microwave at