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N3AYW – May 29, 2020

Smile , Sorry I forgot to tell you that I received your antenna kit; pretty, awesome and economical technology available to the “amateur” as well as the professional. I got so busy learning and building it I forgot to thank you guys.
Wow ! Nice quality and the precision machine work is a higher caliber than I am able to produce. Also , you guys obviously know what your doing since you anticipated all my questions in the directions and marks.
As they say “resonance “ with the customer is just as important as resonance in the antenna. Smile.

AF1R – May 22, 2020

Here is a link to a story and video about ham radio, by the Christian Science Monitor, which includes a photo and video of the 432 Rover Special antenna you made for me in March.
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I met the reporter on the evening of the Spring 432 Sprint in April and she took photos of me assembling the antenna, making QSOs with the antenna and then disassembling the antenna. It was very windy that evening, so I didn’t extend the mast higher than 5 feet. There is a quick shot in the video showing my radio on 432 MHz.

WA6OSX – May 22, 2020

Both of my dse antennas came out great… i really dig the 1420 yagi..
here’s a short video i posted on youtube about a hydrogen line receiving test..

KB8JNE – March 20, 2020

For my first and so far only EME contact with HB9Q (Dan) I used a single Directive Systems 45 element loop antenna. The 16 degree 3dB beam width gave me about 15 minutes on the moon before having to manually move
it on the video light stand I was using. My amp was a 2 tube cavity type running a conservative 80 watts. The antenna I used was this one;
You can see pics of the setup I used here:

KB8JNE – November 26, 2018

I wanted to say thank you for the good work on the 45 element loop antenna I purchased as a kit from you earlier this year. After a bit of trouble with the N-Connector (which you quickly cleared up, thank you) I was able to hear my first ever EME signals in the October EME contest weekend utilizing an well made but inexpensive VHF Design 34dB, <.3dB NF preamp and a recently purchased Kenwood TS-2000X.
This weekend with the addition of a proper SSB sequencer and some good relays as well as a 30 year old HiSpec 2 tube cavity power amp I was able to complete my first ever EME JT65c QSO. Again, a single 45 element loop antenna. Power output was around 80 watts at that time.
If you would like a proper testimonial let me know and I will be happy to write up one, or you are welcome to simply report that I did it and it worked. HB9Q was the station I worked at about midnight as a portable set up from my car in my driveway. See attached image. If you want a better large sized image let me know.
I may have to purchase a second one of these eventually.